Nothing is permanent in life, if not happy days ,neither will be the sad days that’s happening around you will be permanent…… Few suggestions that will help you make your own steps if u feel stressed and negative….

1.Understand yourself :- Have you been feeling negative often ?have you been cuddled with loads of problem in life and you don’t understand where the path is leading you ?That’s ok take a moment to understand yourself than thinking about your problem .

2.Write down and analyze :-Sometimes writing our heart out in a piece of paper makes us feel better ,likewise writing about yourself can make u understand yourself better .Make an analysis of the reasons why do you feel negative .

3.Fight action as an opposite reaction :- Our mind is one of the most complicated system in our body ,hence tricking that can be quite complicated .We tend to become more anxious  ourselves when we are disturbed and hence negativity can dominate our will power strongly .Once you find out what makes u feel negative u can simply defeat it by bringing  positive thoughts to break your own negativity down  ….. Example when I understood about myself I created my own mantra’s.

  • When I knew I was alone I told myself that god is with me.
  • When I knew I am negative I kept reminding my self that I am positive .
  • I knew my problems were not making me happy but I kept telling myself that I am happy and I will be happy .
  • When there was nothing good I could see in future yet I kept telling myself that there is more good to come .
  • I told my self “Keep smiling ,let go and take life easy”.

I made this five mantra’s on my own ,since I understood myself and understood what is making me feel so negative and I made it a point that I kept saying this everyday to myself until my subconscious mind accepted it. While I kept inputting positive thoughts to myself I could find changes in my thoughts and that indeed created a great impact on my life …..

We are often eaten by these two words “Negativity and Stress “breaking those thoughts with some positive words by our self can improve our mental thoughts.


Who else can know better about ourselves than us !Its time to Stop questioning on why being negative instead focus for making ways of being positive …

Remember where there is a will there is way …Nothing is impossible ….

I hope the above suggestions has helped  in some way to build a positive attitude by yourself ….

Please do leave your comments on the above ….

Be energetic ! God bless!